Nagios 3.x Documentation

Table of Contents


What is Nagios?
System requirements
Downloading the latest version

Release Notes

What's new in this version


Support options

Getting Started

Advice for beginners

Quickstart installation guide

Upgrading from previous versions

How to monitor a Windows machine
How to monitor a Linux/Unix machine
How to monitor a Netware server
How to monitor a network printer
How to monitor a router/switch
How to monitor a publicly available service (HTTP, FTP, SSH, etc.)

Configuring Nagios

Configuration overview
Main configuration file options
Object configuration overview
Object definitions
CGI configuration file options
Configuring authorization for the CGIs

Running Nagios

Verifying your configuration
Starting and stopping Nagios

The Basics

Macros and how they work
Standard macros available in Nagios
Host checks
Service checks
Active checks
Passive checks
State types
Time periods
Determining status and reachability of network hosts
Information on the CGIs

Advanced Topics

External commands
Event handlers
Volatile services
Service and host result freshness checks
Distributed monitoring
Redundant and failover monitoring
Detection and handling of state flapping
Notification escalations
On-call notification rotations
Monitoring service and host clusters
Host and service dependencies
State stalking
Performance data
Scheduled host and service downtime
Using the embedded Perl interpreter
Adaptive monitoring
Predictive dependency checks
Cached checks
Passive host state translation
Check scheduling
Custom CGI headers and footers

Object inheritance
Time-saving tips for object definitions

Security and Performance Tuning

Security considerations
Enhanced CGI security and authentication
Tuning Nagios for maximum performance
Fast startup options
Large installation tweaks
Using the nagiostats utility
Graphing Nagios performance statistics

Integration With Other Software

Integration Overview
SNMP Traps
TCP Wrappers

Nagios Addons

Other Addons


Plugin API
Developing Plugins For Use With Embedded Perl