What's New in Nagios 3

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Change Log

The change log for Nagios can be found online at or in the Changelog file in the root directory of the source code distribution.

Changes and New Features

  1. Documentation:

  2. Macros:

  3. Scheduled Downtime:


  5. State Retention Data:

  6. Flap Detection:

  7. External Commands:

  8. Status Data:

  9. Embedded Perl:

  10. Adaptive Monitoring:

  11. Notifications:

  12. Object Definitions:

  13. Object Inheritance:

  14. Performance Improvements:

  15. Plugin Output:

  16. Service Checks:

  17. Host Checks:

  18. Freshness checks:

  19. IPC:

  20. Timeperiods:

  21. Event Broker:

  22. Web Interface:

  23. Debugging Info:

  24. Misc: